The highest secrets of the lantern are three - The essential water of vitality; the fire of the spirit; and the earth of attention.

Mindful MedicineAbout Us

Three Lanterns is a quiet, restful and centred space allowing and fostering mindfulness, gentle intuitive caring and thoughtful, professional treatments.

Mindful Medicine®

Mindful Medicine® is the essential art and mindful practice of integral medicine. First coined by Peter Ferrigno in 2001 and elucidated and formalised with Mandy Jolic in 2007, the philosophy and practice of Mindful Medicine® has evolved into a holistic and patient centred approach to health and healing as well as a thoughtful outlook on learning and the transmission of knowledge. This principle has underpinned Mandy and Peters' Chinese medicine practice and teaching and is now embodied within Three Lanterns, a treatment space that allows us to become mindful of our clients as we become better practitioners.

Practise and Learning

At Three Lanterns we encourage the pursuit of knowledge through extensive study, research, writing, editing and teaching as well as through active involvement in training, seminars and in-house workshops. This solid theoretical and practical base allows us to fully inform and empower our clients. An important meaning associated with lanterns is derived from the saying that a thousand lanterns may be lit from one lantern and the life of the lantern will never be diminished. We like to think of Three Lanterns as a place where our knowledge does not decrease when shared with others just as happiness never decreases by being shared.

Three Lanterns

Our name Three Lanterns reflects and offers an insight into our intention of being mindful medicine practitioners. The custom of lighting a lantern has deep intellectual and spiritual significance. In many cultures lanterns symbolise hope, healing and the quest for newfound enlightenment through spiritual wisdom. When the lantern shines brightly to our awareness it becomes a symbol of clarity, revealing precious gifts and showing us the way.

The light and energy of the lantern also represents our capacity to allow our inner light to shine outwardly. This clear and bright light is the force that illuminates the mind reminding us that the answers we seek can often be found within ourselves when we are guided by our own truth and intuition.


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