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Recently we said goodbye to the wonderful Dr Caroline Ralph. Caroline worked at Three Lanterns initially at reception and then as a well respected and very popular practitioner. After 7 years at Three Lanterns Caroline has made a significant tree change and moved to the beautiful Hinterland of Northern NSW. We are sure she will make an incredible impact practising up North. We wish her all the very best and will miss her dearly.


Workshops, Seminars and Study Groups

Three Lanterns is committed to assisting and providing opportunities for continuing professional education not only for practitioners at Three Lanterns but also for our peers within the profession.

Back in 2011 Mindful Medicine® ran an acupuncture point injection workshop at Three Lanterns primarily for acupuncturists who volunteer their time and expertise to Hands on Health Collingwood. Hands on Health Australia is a community service offering health services to people who are marginalised and unable to access health care easily. To find out more about Hands on Health go to www.handsonhealth.com.au.

Three Lanterns is the home of the Western Region Acupuncture Study Group. We meet throughout the year for various sessions which are aimed at Chinese Medicine professionals. Topics range from looking at the relationship between acupuncture and hypnosis to discussions of xie qi and the direction of movement of pathogenic qi in the body. In the past our philosophical discussions have involved an in depth look at language, metaphor and TCM diagnosis; Kidney Qi: Will, Destiny and Wisdom; and a ‘Things I’ve learned in practice’ series. This year we will be heading in a more practiical direction, running some laser acupuncture workshops as well as exploring muscle energy techniques and MPD pulse diagnosis.

New Services

We are very excited to welcome Andrea Magro to Three Lanterns where she will provide remedial massage and myotherapy services. Andrea will join Bernadette Fitzgerald and Christine O'Connor providing expert remedial massage services at Three Lanterns.