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Acupuncture is useful for a myriad of conditions and Three Lanterns offers a team of experienced and expert practitioners offering a variety of acupuncture techniques including laser acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion. All needles are single use disposable needles.


Remedial, Deep tissue massage and Myotherapy aim to release chronic patterns of tension in the body through deliberate strokes and trigger point pressure and techniques. This type of massage addresses specific problems associated with chronic muscular pain, sporting and occupational injuries, RSI and physical and mental fatigue. Massage is known to speed venous return from the extremities, thereby improving circulation, shortening recovery time from muscular strain and reducing overall stress and tension in the body and mind.

Herbal Medicine

We have a fully stocked in house dispensary. Not only are we able to dispense herbal formulas onsite we also follow ECS (Endangered Species Certification Scheme) guidelines. This scheme aims to ensure that practitioners and organisations do not use or support the use of Chinese medicines containing illegally traded wildlife ingredients and recognises professionals involved in the ethical research, recommendation, prescription and supply of traditional Chinese medicines. We use only very high quality granulated herbal extracts and patent pills and capsules manufactured under strict conditions and approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association.

Natural Fertility Awareness and education

We aim to assist couples to understand and take charge of their fertility through Natural Fertility Awareness programs as well as using Chinese medicine to enhance both male and female fertility. Chinese medicine and acupuncture may also be used to aid natural conception as well as to help improve success rates with IVF procedures. 

Dedication to IVF and IUI support

All of our practitioners have undergone extensive training in IVF support and are highly equipped to aid couples undergoing IVF treatment. We know how important this process can be for clients and we are committed to being available 7 days a week for couples undergoing IVF treatment. We also offer counselling services for couples undergoing IVF and dealing with fertility issues.

Childbirth education and childbirth preparation classes

Three Lanterns offers HypnoBirthing® courses as well as one on one childbirth preparation sessions with the aim of empowering parents with essential information and resources to aid decision making and promote a satisfying birthing experience. 
(Please note that there are no scheduled classes available with Mandy Jolic in 2021).

General and Reproductive health

At Three Lanterns our aim is to enhance the general health and wellbeing of men and women using Chinese medicine and acupuncture as well as complementary therapies. Our practitioners work together along with your specialists to ensure you receive the most appropriate care for you. Acupuncture, Chinese medicine and associated therapies may be an effective aid to improving general reproductive health and wellbeing and offer an important modality for all aspects of health.

Pregnancy Care

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine may be extremely useful during pregnancy and in the lead up to the birth of your baby. We can help to alleviate symptoms of many of the conditions associated with pregnancy as well as help to prepare your body and mind for labour. We work alongside your specialists to optimise your results helping to make pregnancy and birth the wonderful experience it can be. We also offer comprehensive pregnancy massage services as well as Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy.

Womens and mens health

We can safely assist in the treatment of physical and emotional symptoms specific to men and women. Symptoms of menopause, peri menopause, menstrual issues, musculoskeletal problems, digestive disturbances, emotional and physical concerns may respond well to Chinese medicine, Acupuncture and complementary therapies.

Childrens health

Chinese medicine offers a safe and gentle adjunct to conventional treatments for most childhood illnesses. Children respond beautifully to Chinese medicine, reiki and craniosacral osteopathy and really enjoy the environment and staff at Three Lanterns. Laser acupuncture is particularly suited to children.

Holistic Counselling

A holistic approach works to bring inner resolution and harmony to all parts of who we are; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, in order to ensure they balance and support each other. Holistic counselling uses a variety of therapeutic techniques including counseling, systemic constellations, creative visualisation, EFT or emotional freedom technique, and the Work of Byron Katie. Using these approaches Holistic Counselling may assist in transforming both your experience and perceptions of life.


Visceral osteopathy, osteopathy for obstetrics and gynaecology, craniosacral therapy and osteopathy in the cranial field provides a gentle model of treatment for the whole body and is especially suitable for patients with chronic health conditions. In particular the Biodynamics of Osteopathy offers an indirect, non invasive and gentle diagnostic and treatment approach for restoring the health and motion of the whole body for patients of all ages. 

Mail order service

We offer a postage service to clients who are unable to pick up medicinals from the clinic as well as local delivery.

Gift Vouchers

Three Lanterns have beautiful gift vouchers that make wonderful gifts for friends and family. Drop in or call reception to arrange pick up or delivery of a Three Lanterns Gift Voucher.