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Dr Mandy Jolic


Mandy has been practicing in the Western region since 1996. Since undertaking a degree in science and completing a four year degree with Honours in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mandy has developed a keen interest in women’s health including pre and post-conception care, fertility, gynaecological concerns, pregnancy care, labour inductions and using Chinese medicine to improve success rates with IVF.

Mandy works alongside fertility specialists to optimise outcomes and is committed to broadening her education and understanding of fertility issues, regularly attending courses and seminars in all aspects of fertility care, women's health and integrative medicine. Mandy aims to empower clients with a thorough understanding of their fertility and tailors treatments to the individual or couple addressing their specific concerns. Mandy has trained in the Billings method, has a certificate in Natural Fertility Education and is also a certified childbirth educator specialising in HypnoBirthing® since 2006. Mandy also has extensive experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems including sports and dance injuries. Mandy’s gentle approach is particularly suited to ‘needle phobic’ clients.

Dr Peter Ferrigno

PhD, MA, BA, BSW, DipEd.

Having been in practice for over 30 years Peter is part of a small group of Victoria's first Australian born and trained Chinese medicine practitioners and began practicing in the western suburbs where he continues to work. In addition to being a practitioner he has also been instrumental in training would-be acupuncturists since the mid-1980's. In the early 1990's university training in acupuncture was established in Victoria, which was a first for Australia, and Peter was fortunate to be one of a small group of educators that began lecturing in Chinese medicine at Victoria University where he worked for some fifteen years. During that time Peter completed his Masters by thesis followed with his Doctorate in Chinese medicine.

Now part of the Three Lanterns group Peter is devoting more of his time to clinical practice, primarily as a generalist practitioner, but still retains an interest in lecturing and consulting. Peter is currently a member of the editorial board of the Australian Journal of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Australia's first peer reviewed Chinese medicine journal.

Dr Amber Moore

PhD, B.Chin.Med. (Hons), BA (Hons)

Amber discovered Chinese Medicine whilst working and living in the US. It was the natural and inter-connected explanations on life and health that underlie the practice of Chinese Medicine that she fell in love with, and she has been appreciating the effectiveness, breadth and depth of Chinese Medicine ever since. After completing an Honours degree from Victoria University along with an internship at Shuguan Hospital in Shanghai she has gone on to practice in a number of clinics.  Her clinical practice is general, using acupuncture and herbs to treat a variety of conditions. Some of her many clinical interests include gynecology, fertility, obstetrics, pediatrics, psychological health, internal and preventative medicine. Amber is qualified in Holistic Counselling and Reiki, both of which bring an extra energetic dimension to her treatments. Amber has a warm and supportive nature and works to understand and support her clients individual health and wellbeing desires.

Amber comes to Chinese Medicine with a background in research, education and philosophy. She has an Honours degree in Psychology and Philosophy and most recently completed a PhD in Chinese Medicine at Monash University in 2014. She is a sessional teacher in Chinese Medicine and Ethics. Amber recently developed the first formal mentoring program for Chinese Medicine practitioners in the world for the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association. She is very interested in the active wider participation of Chinese Medicine in the integrative field through dialogue with other fields and the use of innovative research. Currently she is working on research projects with Monash University and the National Institute of Complementary Medicine, and is working at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine assisting in developing Australian education programs in integrative medicine.


Dr Chris Lavelle

BHSc. (Acupuncture)

Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Acupuncture, from Endeavour College in Melbourne. His interest in acupuncture developed at an early age as a result of his experience of the benefits of acupuncture and chinese medicine treatment from childhood. He has a firm belief in the power of acupuncture and having worked in a western medical setting Chris understands and appreciates its complementary nature with western medicine.

Whilst Chris is a generalist practitioner, he also understands that most conditions and problems we face have an emotional as well as a physical component and lasting results can be obtained when emotional, mental and physical levels are addressed and the person is considered as a whole. Chris aims to connect and deepen those aspects of traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture that help us to achieve our full potential by integrating body, mind and spirit with our understanding of health and disease.

Chris has a caring and compassionate nature that creates a welcoming environment for his clients. Outside of Three Lanterns Chris has been involved in treating people affected by drugs and alcohol and recovering from drug dependence. 


Dr Diana Lui

B.App.Sc. (Chinese Med), B.App.Sc. (Human Bio), Ad.Dip. (Myotherapy), Cert.Acupuncture (Tan Balance Method)

Diana is a second generation Chinese medicine practitioner who grew up in Footscray dispensing Chinese herbs in her father's clinic. Initially she studied to become a pathologist, but decided to follow her heart and do what she always loved - being at the forefront of patient care and being a part of a client's journey to good health. She graduated with Distinction in Chinese Medicine and Human Biology from RMIT, then completed her clinical internship at Nanjing’s prestigious Jiangsu Provincial Hospital where she spent time in dermatology, internal medicine, neurology, acupuncture and gynaecology departments.

Diana's main area of interest is the treatment of skin conditions. She enjoys formulating herbal skin creams and is passionate about helping others achieve healthy skin with Chinese medicine. Other special interests include digestive complaints, stress relief, hormonal conditions and herbal medicine. Diana regularly updates her treatment skills and draws on Dr Richard Tan's Balance method and Five Element acupuncture to assist with both physical and emotional pain. 

Diana has just returned from extended study leave where she successfully obtained a PostGraduate Diploma of Dermatology in Chinese Medicine under the direction of renowned Chinese Medicine Dermatologist Mazin Al-Khafaji in London.

Dr Elisabeth Sever-Topping

PG Dip. Acup (UK)

Elisabeth graduated from her acupuncture degree from the Northern College of Acupuncture in York in the UK. Here Elisabeth was part of a multidiciplinary team at the Williams Osteopathic Clinic in Manchester and the Cheadle Hulme Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre, Since migrating to Melbourne Elisabeth has honed her skills at two busy Chinese Medicine clinics, making a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of the surrounding community at each practice.

Having lived and worked in both Europe, the UK and Australia, Elisabeth's professional background in Health, Education and Music have helped her to develop patience, empathyand perspective allowing her to communicate effectively with clients of varying cultural and professional backgrounds and age groups.Elisabeth is bilingual in both German and English.

Since 2010 Elisabeth has continued to upgrade and improve her skills with further study in Japanese Acupuncture approaches, Auricular Therapy and training in the late Dr Tan's Balance Method traditionally used for pain relief. Elisabeth is a respectful, dynamic and caring practitioner with a commitment to excellence in patient care and a determination to support clients through health challenges and a strong desire to help create positive changes in the lives of her clients.

Dr Kathryn (Taffy) Avard

BHSc. Acup., BHSc. TCM., Dip. Shiatsu

Taffy's interest in Oriental Medicine began almost twenty years ago when she came across Shiatsu Therapy, a Japanese treatment which uses specific acupressure techniques to balance mind, body and spirit.Underpinning Shiatsu Therapy is Meridian Theory, Yin/Yang and Five Element philosophies, the foundations upon which Chinese Medicine is also based.This interest led to completing a Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies in 1997 and then further degrees in both Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. After graduating from Chinese Medicine Taffy spent time studying with TCM doctors in Singapore and working as a herbalist in Malaysia. On her return she followed her interest in Acupuncture back to university, completing an Acupuncture degree course.

Treatments with Taffy are considered and thorough, often combining all three modalities she is equipped with.  Always taking a holistic approach to health Taffy seeks to make significant changes to long term health and wellbeing. With her strong belief in the importance of returning our bodies to a balanced, healthy state, Taffy uses various techniques such as cupping, moxibustion and hands on style of treatment to help to restore physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to her clients.

Taffy enjoys the dynamics of working with people on a physical and heart level. Practising the art of Chinese medicine has become a life long leaning and exploration. Taffy has been in private practice utilising elements of all three modalities and honing her skills in all forms of oriental medicine since 2005.

Dr Shari Trimble

M.H.Sc.(Osteo.), B.Sc.(Clin.), Member AOA

Shari completed her Osteopathic training, a five-year full-time Bachelor of Science and Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University, graduating in 2000 and has since done eight courses in the Biodynamic Approach to Cranial Osteopathy, pursuing a special interest in paediatric osteopathy.

Shari has a preference for using gentle release techniques such as Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy, Functional technique and Muscle Energy Technique and really loves that Osteopathy offers a natural and safe approach to being well that allows the body to utilise its own innate healing abilities. She enjoys treating newborns right through to adults and finds this approach beneficial to many different conditions.

Besides her love for Osteopathy Shari has a passion for photography and spends her weekends capturing people, places, & events. She also enjoys running in the park with her dogs, doing yoga & being outdoors amongst Nature…and good coffee, and chocolate!

Post Graduate and Continuing Studies
A Biodynamic Approach to Osteopathy Phase I-VII (ongoing)
Treatment of Children (Biodynamic) Phase I (ongoing)
Treatment in Obstetrics and Gynaecology – Caroline Stone
Paediatrics Course – Caroline Stone
Clinical Pilates Level 1-4 (equipment & mat work)

Shari also participates in a Melbourne Study Group – Children’s Clinic who meet monthly to discuss case studies, complete tutorials and engage in the treatment of children.

Osteopathy is defined as a holistic system of manual therapy based on the body being a single functioning system that has the ability to self correct and heal itself given the right conditions of balance within the body.

Osteopaths consider the ease of motion and alignment of the body’s framework and its relationship to the functioning of the organs, circulatory and nervous systems. When this is assessed as dysfunctional they use finely tuned hands on techniques to restore the structure and function of the body to a state of balance and harmony.

Some common types of problems
Osteopathy can assist with include:

• back and neck pain
• joint and muscular injuries
• headaches and migraines
• TMJ dysfunction
• sinus and face pain
• recurrent infection or immune disorders

Tamara Gemelli

Dip.Bio.Sc., Dip.RMT.,Cert.IV Bowen, CERT IV PT.
Remedial Massage Therapist

Tamara is passionate about massage and natural therapies and utilises a variety of techniques to provide relief from pain, to release stress and tension and ultimately to help her clients to feel more grounded and centred. Tamara is able to combine remedial and deep tissue massage with Swedish massage and Bowen techniques, tailoring each treatment based on her clients’ individual needs.

Tamara has a particular interest in pre and post natal massage, as well as a keen interest in helping women with pelvic instability and pelvic girdle pain. With two children of her own and another on the way, Tamara understands the specific issues associated with pregnancy as well as the demands that being a parent, working and studying can have on our bodies. Drawing on her personal and professional experience, Tamara is able to help women to reach their final weeks of pregnancy in the best physical and mental condition possible. Tamara is currently on maternity leave.

Samantha Higgins

Dip.RMT., Member AAMT
Remedial Massage Therapist

Samantha's motivation to become a remedial massage therapist stemmed from her love of fitness, health and wellbeing. She has worked as a remedial and pregnancy massage therapist since 2008 and during this time has focused on helping clients achieve a balanced state using a variety of massage techniques.

Samantha's experience includes working woith professional athletes including the Western Bulldogs Football Team. Samantha continues to aid preparation and recovery in clients involved in fitness and training, tailoring treatment to individual and team goals and needs.

Sam is also adept at treating women at all stages of their pregnancy as well as helping clients who require massage to mitigate the effects of stress and tension on their wellbeing. Samantha is also experienced in helping to improve function and range of motion in joints by reducing pain and inflammation, relaxing muscle tissue and releasing muscle spasm and tension.