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Dr Mandy Jolic (TCM)

BHSc (TCM) Hons. CST I, CST II, Associate ACNEM, Member FSANZ

Mandy has been practicing in the Western region since 1996. Since undertaking a degree in science and completing a four year degree with Honours in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mandy has developed a keen interest in women’s health including pre and post-conception care, fertility, gynaecological concerns, pregnancy care, labour inductions and using Chinese medicine to improve success rates with IVF.

Mandy has garnered a solid reputation in the Western region for her thorough approach to all areas of women's health and fertility and pregnancy, treating clients by looking at the root cause of any issues to determine the best protocols for treatment. Mandy works alongside fertility specialists to optimise outcomes and is committed to broadening her education and understanding of fertility issues, regularly attending courses and seminars in all aspects of fertility care, women's health and integrative medicine. Mandy is known for her ability to explain complex factors which affect health and fertility in a way which is simple and easy to understand. Mandy aims to empower clients with a thorough understanding of their fertility and tailors treatments to the individual or couple addressing their specific concerns.

Mandy has trained in the Billings method, has a certificate in and is a Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education and is also a certified childbirth educator specialising in HypnoBirthing® since 2006. Mandy has also completed training with the Upledger Institute in craniosacral treatment and incorporates this into her treatments as required. More recently Mandy has completed Neoclassical Acupuncture Foundation and Advanced Courses as well as Masterclasses. This technique is a palpatory style which provides immediate feedback with each needle used. Mandy is currently completing her Masters of Reproductive Medicine at UNSW.

Mandy also has a special interest in chronic disease management, particularly autoimmune disorders. Mandy has undertaken extensive training in the use of nutrition and lifestyle solutions in chronic disease management and will utilise this knowledge to improve patient outcomes when required.

Mandy offers appointments for couples to discuss health concerns and goals. During these sessions Mandy will explain the factors that may be affecting your fertility and discuss your options regarding treatment and answer any questions that you may have. During this appointment a treatment plan is formulated and follow up treatments or referrals to specialists are usually recommended. Due to sometimes extended wait times for appointments, Mandy also offers these appointments via Skype.


Dr Heather Munro (OST)

BSc.(Ost.), Grad Cert Tert. Teaching and Learning, Grad. Dip. (ABM).

After graduating from the British School of Osteopathy in 1993 Heather has undergone extensive osteopathic postgraduate training nationally and internationally in the UK, NZ, USA and Australia. Her postgraduate training includes Visceral Osteopathy, Osteopathy for Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Functional Methods, Craniosacral Therapy, Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (OCF), Paediatric Osteopathy, The Biodynamics of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (BOCF) and Animal Biochemical Medicine (ABM).

Heather's teaching experience includes lecturing at RMIT at both graduate and post graduate levels as well as clinician work at Victoria University. Heather is AHPRA registered and a member of Osteopathy Australia, Animal Biomechanical Professionals Australia and a member of the General Osteopathic Council in the UK.

Heather's clinical special interests include paediatric osteopathy, pregnancy pre and post partum osteopathy, visceral and cranial osteopathy and the Biodynamics of Osteopathy which is an indirect (non-invasive) and gentle diagnostic and treatment approach for restoring the systemic health and motion of the whole body and individual wellbeing for patients of all ages.

Heather is a thorough and experienced senior osteopathic clinician and will leave no stone unturned in aiding a patient to recover their optimal health, function and wellbeing. She is a gentle and effective practitioner and is passionate about osteopathy, especially for children and animals who can't always tell us where they hurt, as well as for adults with chronic health conditions, helping to restore a patient's state of wholeness and sense of flow back into the river of life. 

Dr Amber Moore (TCM)

PhD, B.Chin.Med. (Hons), BA (Hons)

Amber is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner who discovered Chinese medicine while working and living in the USA. It was the natural and inter-connected explanations on life and health that underlie Chinese medicine practice that she fell in love with, and she has been appreciating the effectiveness, breadth and depth of Chinese medicine ever since. After completing an honours degree in Chinese medicine (Acupuncture and Herbs) from Victoria University in 2008, she completed an internship at Shuguan Hospital in Shanghai and has worked in clinics around Melbourne, working at the beautiful Three Lanterns clinic since it opened.

Amber completed a PhD in Chinese medicine at Monash University in 2014 and also has a previous honours degree in Psychology and Philosophy. Amber has experience working at universities in research and education roles and developed the very first formal mentoring program for Chinese medicine practitioners for the Austrlian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA). She currently lectures in Health Sciences and Chinese medicine at Torrens University and Southern School of Natural Therapies, where she recently won a Learning and Teaching Award for her contributions to academic scholarship. She has published a number of academic papers and is very interested in the active wider participation of Chinese medicine in the integrative field through dialogue with other fields and the use of innovative research.

Amber's practice is general, using acupuncture and herbs to treat a variety of conditions. Her clinical interests focus on women's and children's health. Amber is qualified in holistic counselling and reiki, both of which bring an extra energetic dimension to her treatments. Amber has a warm and supportive nature and works to understand and support her client's individual health and wellbeing desires.

Dr Elisabeth Sever-Topping (TCM)

PG Dip. Acup (UK)

Elisabeth graduated from her acupuncture degree from the Northern College of Acupuncture in York. After graduating in the UK Elisabeth became part of a multidiciplinary team at the Williams Osteopathic Clinic in Manchester and the Cheadle Hulme Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre. 

Since migrating to Melbourne Elisabeth has honed her skills at busy Chinese Medicine clinics, making a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of the surrounding community at each practice.

Having lived and worked in Europe, the UK and Australia, Elisabeth's professional background in health, education and music have helped her to develop patience, empathy and perspective, allowing her to communicate effectively with clients of varying cultural and professional backgrounds and age groups. Elisabeth is bilingual in both German and English.

Since 2010 Elisabeth has continued to upgrade and enhance her skills with further studies in Japanese Acupuncture approaches, Auricular Therapy, Muscle meridian Techniques and training in Dr Tan's Balance Method traditionally used for pain relief. 

Elisabeth is a respectful, dynamic and caring practitioner with a commitment to excellence in patient care and a determination to support clients through health challenges and a strong desire to help create positive changes in the lives of her clients.

Dr Peter Slipper (TCM)

BHSc Acu (Hons), MAppSc CHM (Hons)

Peter was drawn to Chinese Medicine in the mid 1990's after acupuncture resolved a shoulder injury that had previously been resistant to treatment. This positive experience eventually led him from his original career as a musician/teacher to becoming the highly qualified practitioner that he is today. Peter completed a Bachelor of Health Science - Acupuncture (with Honours) in 2001 before completing a Master of Applied Science -Chinese Herbal Medicine, also with Honours. During his studies he completed internships at both the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine in Hanoi, Vietnam and at the Jiangsu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China, undertaking clinical training within the gynaecology, dermatology, respiratory, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular departments. Always focused on deepening his knowledge and skills, Peter has been awarded a Diploma in Canonical Chinese Medicine from the Institute of Canonical East Asian Medicine. This style of herbal medicine utilises pulse diagnosis in order to understand how the body maintains a dynamic balance within a forever changing external environment and what happens when this balance is lost. Peter has also trained in Kampo (traditional Japanese herbal medicine) abdominal diagnosis and Kiiko Matsumoto-style Japanese acupuncture, which similarly utilises abdominal acupuncture as a means to discover imbalances within the body.

All of Peter's treatments are aimed at re-establishing harmony between the body's internal regulatory systems so that the body can function to its fullest potential within the frantic modern world in which we live. Peter has a particular interest in working with people where this balance has been lost, whether it is hormonal, immunological, metabolic, neurological or digestive. He has found that traditional diagnostic techniques allow him to come up with more effective treatment strategies for such problems by interpreting the root cause of health issues rather than focusing primarily on symptoms or Western medicine-defined disease names. This also allows him to successfully integrate such strategies with any concurrent biomedical/pharmacological treatments someone may be prescribed by their GP or specialist.

"Being our healthiest allows us to achieve our goals more easily, enjoy our passions to the fullest and lead the lives we wish for ourselves. I passionately believe in the potential of Classical Chinese Medicine to identify disharmony and help us regain balance".


Dr Bernadette Fitzgerald (TCM)

B.Sc. Acu
Dip.RMT., Member AAMT., Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage
Remedial Massage Therapist

Having practiced remedial massage since 2010, Bernadette has trained both internationally and within Australia. Whilst working on major cruise liners across the Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea, Bernadette was able to hone her skills treating a wide variety of clients and conditions. Her training continued locally in Victoria treating clients at luxury hotels such as Crown Spa Melbourne and various Endota Spa centres as well as working within dedicated sports clinics. Due to this extensive experience, Bernadette is ideally placed to offer her clients treatments that are both pampering and highly efficacious.

As a registered acupuncturist Bernadette utilises a holistic approach in her treatments and sessions with clients, treating each client with the intention of specifically catering to their individual needs and concerns. With a keen interest in treating pregnant women, cupping therapy, and the treatment of musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries, Bernadette is able to draw on various techniques and modalities to ensure optimal and consistent results.

With a deep and strong passion for health and wellbeing, Bernadette regularly undergoes extra training and further professional development to ensure her techniques are up to date and evidence based. 

Dr Kailey Chapman (TCM)

BHSc. Acu.

Kailey, an AHPRA registered acupuncturist and proficient Chinese Medicine practitioner commenced her professional journey in 2018. Transitioning from a physiotherapy degree into acupuncture Kailey discerned the profound potential of acupuncture prompting her to delve into exhaustive research and subsequently pursue formal studies. Motivated by her father's early Parkinsons disease diagnosis, Kailey focused her expertise on acupuncture's efficacy in addressing neurological issues and autoimmune conditions. This clinical interest naturally extended to stress management, showcasing her adeptness in mitigating environmental, physical, mental and biological stressors with the use of acupuncture and chinese herbs.

With a clinical focus on womens health, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, autoimmune conditions and neurological issues, Kailey draws on substantial experience gained in acupuncture clinics, particularly emphasising fertility and chronic illness cases.

Kailey employs Japanese acupuncture techniques such as abdominal diagnosis and gentle needling approaches providing a gentle yet effective approach to treating a variety of conditions.



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